Specs for the Asus A7VBX-LA Motherboard


The Asus A7VBX-LA is a computer motherboard that the Taiwan-based hardware company ASUSTeK Computer Inc. produces. As a motherboard, the Asus A7VBX-LA serves as a computer's primary printed circuit board assembly and is responsible for housing the central processing unit (CPU), the chipset and other integral computing components. Whether you have an Asus A7VBX-LA in your computer or are thinking of installing one, learning about the motherboard's general specifications can be helpful.

Processor Compatibility

  • The Asus A7VBX-LA motherboard relies on an Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) 462 processor socket. This socket, also known as "socket A," holds a computer's microprocessor, which is the chip that performs a computer's primary CPU functions. With its 462 socket, the Asus A7VBX-LA can accommodate a variety of processors. These include the AMD Athlon XP, AMD Duron, AMD Sempron and AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Barton.


  • A motherboard's chipset is responsible for transferring data between the microprocessor and the rest of a motherboard's components. This chipset consists of two smaller, microchips: a "north bridge" chip that controls data from the main memory and front-side bus (FSB), and a "south bridge" chip that controls data from peripheral-connection ports. The Asus A7VBX-LA motherboard's chipset consists of a VIA KM400 north bridge and a VIA VT8237 south bridge.

FSB Speed

  • The Asus A7VBX-LA can provide a maximum FSB speed of 400 MHz. FSB speed is a measure of how fast a motherboard can transfer data to and from its microprocessor. The FSB is the group of wires that connects the microprocessor to the rest of a motherboard's components.

RAM Support

  • The Asus A7VBX-LA motherboard has two 184-pin slots that support random access memory (RAM) storage. RAM allows a computer to access data directly, but can only store data while a computer is on. More specifically, the Asus A7VBX-LA supports double data rate (DDR), dual in-line memory module (DIMM), synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM). Each of the motherboard's RAM slots allows for a maximum memory size of 1 GB, giving the Asus A7VBX-LA an overall maximum memory size of 2 GB.


  • Basic input/output system (BIOS) is the system that provides a computer motherboard with instructions for running programming interfaces. The Asus A7VBX-LA utilizes an Award BIOS, which includes 4 MB of Flash ROM storage. Unlike RAM storage, read-only memory (ROM) can retain data when a computer is off. However, a computer cannot manipulate data stored in ROM.

Form Factor

  • The form factor of a motherboard refers to the shape and layout of the motherboard's underlying structure. Manufacturers measure form factors using two dimensions: width and depth. The Asus A7VBX-LA motherboard utilizes a Micro Advanced Technology Extended, or Micro ATX, form factor. This form factor is 9.6 inches wide and 9.6 inches deep.

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