Typing Tests for Beginners

Young or old, typing skills are a necessity.
Young or old, typing skills are a necessity. (Image: Darrin Klimek/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Few companies use typewriters anymore, and when they did, they were customarily used only by support staff, like secretaries and clerks. With computers now so prevalent everywhere, even executives need to know how to type correctly. While a two-finger typist can get the job done, learning proper typing techniques significantly increases productivity. Most employers ask that applicants have some computer skills, and that includes typing.

Learn Typing

An excellent program for people who have absolutely no typing skills is Learn Typing (learntyping.org). Learn Typing takes the beginning user through a series of seven beginning lessons to six levels of advanced typing skills. Included in the program are seven levels of computer-related keyboard shortcuts like using Alt+F4 to close a program or opening print preview with Ctrl+F2. The program includes correct posture, how to position hands on the home keys and what fingers to use on each key. After learning the basics, use the program to take as many typing tests as needed to increase your speed. The program is free online, and no sign-up or registration is required for its use.

Learn 2 Type

Learn 2 Type (learn2type.com) is another free website that is available for the absolute beginner. The site's interactive exercises automatically adjust to the skill level of the typist. As your typing skills increase, the exercises and tests become more and more difficult. With more than 5 million users, this program is worth a look. Once you have achieved the desired skill level, you can take five typing tests, and Learn 2 Type mails you a typing certificate. In addition to learning to type with this program, you can also learn to use the 10-key keypad and get certified on that as well.

Typing Master

Typing Master (typingmaster.com) helps you achieve your typing goals in the least amount of time. It detects weaknesses in typing, eliminates exercises you have mastered and customizes subsequent exercises until you have reached an optimal typing level. When you complete exercises with high accuracy and your rhythm is fluid, the testing time limits are shortened. This method gets you up to speed in a shorter time span, ensuring that no time is wasted on repetitious exercises. Typing Master provides users with a progress graph that shows typing strengths and weaknesses and provides recommendations on how to continue training to improve weak areas. Typing Master has a downloadable free trial version, and the full version can be purchased for around $39.

Alpha Typing

Alpha Typing (alphatyping.com) has four levels of training: beginning, average, advanced and expert. Testing is divided into four sections including touch typing, numbers and symbols, expert touch typing and professional touch typing. One of the interesting features of Alpha Typing tests is that it shows you which fingers you used when you made errors. You can then focus the self-paced exercises specifically on those fingers. The program comes with excellent instructions, and is free to use online.

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