BlackBerry Curve 8320 Tips

The BlackBerry 8320 is a phone offered by T-Mobile. It provides a camera, Internet access, push email and calendar. BlackBerry phones have many shortcuts that are not widely known, unless you actually read the manual front-to-back. Most users don't realize that any key on the Qwerty keyboard can have a shortcut assigned, or that the soft keys on the sides of the phone can be programmed to access any program or feature. These shortcuts are easy to use.

  1. Assign the Convenience Keys

    • The Blackberry 8320 comes with two convenience keys: one on the left side and one on the right side. You can assign any of your frequently used applications to these keys. To assign an application to a convenience key, look for the "Options" on your home screen. Scroll down and select "Screen/Keyboard." There are two options located here: "Right side convenience key opens" and "Left side convenience key opens." Click on the default option and scroll to your desired application. For example, you can have the left side convenience key open your address book and the right side open your calendar. After selecting, press the "Menu" key and click "Save."

    Phone Tips

    • There are several ways to use your BlackBerry 8320 as a phone. To make a call, type in a phone number or begin typing part of a contact name. Scroll to and highlight the contact or phone number to call, then press the green phone key. To end the call, press the red phone key, which is also the power button, if held down for a few seconds. While on a call, if you receive a second call, you can answer it by pressing the "Menu" key and either choose "Answer - Hold Current" or "Answer - Drop Current." While on a call, to turn on the speakerphone option, press the "Speakerphone" key. To turn off the speakerphone, press the "Speakerphone" key again.

    Phone Troubleshooting Tips

    • Every phone will eventually have something that needs troubleshooting. However, there are a few tips that you can try if you are having problems. If you cannot make or receive calls, there are a few things you can try. Verify that your BlackBerry 8320 is connected to your wireless network by looking in the top-left corner of your phone. Make sure you have signal bars and your carrier name. Remove the battery from your BlackBerry, and make sure your SIM card is fully inserted and that it has not been shaken loose. Replace the battery and try to make a call when the phone comes back on. If you are not receiving calls, make sure that call forwarding is not turned on.

    Voice Dialing Tips

    • Using voice dialing can speed up normal operations on the phone since it is hands-free. There is a voice command for several features in the phone. If you plan to use voice dialing often, it is recommended that you make one of your convenience keys a shortcut for it. Otherwise, you will have to find the application on your home screen to start it up each time. To make a call using voice dialing, select the voice dialing application and wait for the sound. Say "Call" and a contact name or phone number.

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