Do You Shake an Interviewer's Hand After an Interview?

Shaking hands is a sign of goodwill.
Shaking hands is a sign of goodwill. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

A person is two times more likely to remember you if you shake his hand on the first meeting, according to an Incomm Center for Trade Show Research study reported by "CNN" in 2007. Shaking hands is not only done when you are introduced to someone, you can also shake hands when you leave a meeting with colleagues. In the case of a job interview, you should also shake hands when you leave. It is an appropriate way to close such a professional meeting.


Shaking hands at the end of the job interview conveys a number of messages. It says that you appreciate the time the interviewers took to talk with you as well as their confidence in your abilities. It also is a general sign of respect and trust between peers and colleagues. It says that you are treating the interviewer as an equal, but that you recognize the opportunity the interviewer may present you in a job offer.


At the end of the interview, the interviewer may stand up and extend his hand to you. Shake his hand in response. You may also be the first to extend your hand to the interviewer. It is not necessary to wait for the interviewer to initiate shaking hands. However, give him a few seconds to do so at the end of the interview before you offer your hand. Since the interviewer is the host, it is appropriate to wait a bit before extending a handshake.

How Not To Shake

Discretely wipe your palms before you shake hands if they are clammy or sweaty. Cold or wet handshakes are not fun for anyone involved. Avoid crushing the interviewer's hand in an effort to have a firm handshake. Also avoid barely touching the interviewer’s hand or having a very light grip.

How To Shake

Make eye contact with the interviewer when you shake his hand. Say "thank you for the chance to interview" and that you look forward to hearing from him soon. Shake his hand firmly, but not too firmly. Pump his hand two or three times only. Shake each interviewer’s hand before you leave the room. You may even shake the receptionist’s hand on the way out. Even though some of your interviewers may not have the final say in whether you are hired, their opinions of you may hold sway with the decision maker.

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