Cruelty Free Pet Foods

Providing your pet with a cruelty-free diet is good for its health.
Providing your pet with a cruelty-free diet is good for its health. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Many pet food companies test their products on animals. These animals are often confined in small areas and not given appropriate health care or socialization. The end products that are fed to your pet often contain parts from diseased, dead or dying animals. Hormones and chemicals that are dangerous for pet consumption are prevalent in many pet foods. Feeding your pet a diet of cruelty-free pet foods is healthier for them and does not involve animal testing.


Pet foods considered cruelty-free by PETA are foods that do not involve animal testing in laboratories. There are healthy alternatives to these tests, such as in-home testing where the test animal lives with a family and has a normal life. Some cruelty-free pet food companies are Active Life Pet Products, Bravo Raw Diet, Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Co., Feline Pride, Halo Pet Foods, Newman's Own Organics, Raw Advantage and Veterinary Nutritional Formula.

Entirely Vegan

Vegan pet foods can provide pets with the nutritional content they need while avoiding all animal products. Even dogs and cats, who naturally consume meat in their diets, can live healthy lives when provided with vegan foods and nutritional supplements. PETA states that diets containing meat products have been shown to have negative health effects on animals, just like humans. Some vegan pet food companies are Evolution Diet, Natural Life Pet Products, Nature's Recipe and Pet Guard.

Low-cruelty Options

Some companies do not pass PETA's standards for cruelty-free. However, they may still provide a healthier environment for test animals than other companies. Purina is a pet food company that provides social interaction and health care to its test animals. Purina adopts out all of its test animals once they have aged out of the program. Weruva is a company that does not test on animals, but their meat does not come from cruelty-free sources according to PETA.

Vegetarian Options

Companies that make pet food containing meat sometimes also offer vegetarian or vegan products. These products are kept separate from those containing meat. When switching your pet to a vegan diet, sticking with the same company that your pet is used to may assist it in the transition. Companies with vegan options include Natural Balance Pet Foods, Natural Life Pet Products, Inc., Newman's Own Organics, PetGuard, Want a Cookie? and Wysong Professional Diets.

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