Work at Home Business Ideas for Registered Nurses


Working with doctors in a hospital, clinic or other medical environment is the career path most people associate with the position of registered nurse. While this role has been around for a long time, modern registered nurses can also choose from a wide range of non-traditional career path opportunities. Some of these opportunities offer the ability to work from home or pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

Customer Service

  • Many insurance companies hire registered nurses to work at home as telephone customer service representatives. These registered nurses may provide basic telephone triage to help direct customers to the best health care option, provide help with selecting a medical specialist or provide medical screening or coverage pre-qualification for emergency room visits or medical procedures. They may also help explain medical terms or definitions found in medical insurance policies.

Legal Consulting

  • Registered nurses can work at home as medical consultants for lawyers, legal assistants or researchers. Extensive medical knowledge can be helpful with evaluating legal testimony or documents to be presented at trail, used in a lawsuit or utilized as support documentation for insurance settlements or performance evaluations. Registered nurses with a specialized background, such as surgery or emergency room experience, can be in high demand.

Freelance Medical Writer

  • A registered nurse can find work at home as a freelance medical writer, journalist or editor. Opportunities for on-line bloggers or contributors have become more popular as consumer medical content on the Internet has expanded. Editing or proof-reading television or movie scripts, stage plays or other works of fiction to determine the authenticity of medical terminology, techniques or procedures can also provide a work-at-home opportunity for registered nurses.

Medical Transcription

  • The field of medical transcription can offer registered nurses an unique work-at-home opportunity. Medical transcriptionists convert a doctor's verbal medical records into text format for archival purposes. Medical transcription requires a good working knowledge of medical terms, procedures and general medical knowledge. Transcriptionists are typically paid by the word and can often determine their own work schedules. Hiring bonuses or an increased per-word payment level is often available for registered nurses who are multi-lingual or who have experience or knowledge of specialized fields of medicine.

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