Four Types of Personality Styles

Someone who is always smiling can be considered amiable.
Someone who is always smiling can be considered amiable. (Image: Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Different types of individuals with certain preferences, likes and interests are classified into different personality types. Personality types have specific traits that distinguish one from the other; they also contain different behavioral tendencies. For example, someone who loves improving the quality of life for others may be classified as amiable, while a very loud, hyper and energetic person may be classified as expressive.


People who are analytical are introverted, curious, reserved, great problem-solvers and are well organized. They prefer facts, or documentation to be presented to prove truth. Most mathematicians, scientist and philosophers are analytical people. Working with others is not a preference with this personality type, as analytical people prefer to work alone, and observe others from a distance. Analytical people can be seen as disciplined, cautious and overly structured.


Drivers enjoy a challenging environment and the thrill of achieving a difficult task; success comes from within. Drivers are results-oriented, practical and time-conscious; they can get a lot done in a short period of time. They enjoy talking to people, and in conversation, drivers are direct and to the point. Drivers know what they want in life, and as a result, decision-making is easy. Descriptive adjectives for this personality type include risky, assertive and competitive.


The amiable type is caring, reliable, trustworthy, supportive and enjoys ensuring the positive welfare of others. Amiable people make excellent employees, friends and teammates, and are great in high-level executive positions. They don't like things to be impersonal, and get along with most people. Adjectives for the amiable personality type are considerate, friendly, loyal, patient, sympathetic and supportive.


An expressive person is always running late, tends to commit herself to too many things and therefore has a rushed lifestyle. Expressive people have great personalities, are enthusiastic about life and always have energy that is contagious. They are good at generating ideas, but could use help in bringing those ideas to reality. Being expressive means being social, dramatic, manipulative, confident, verbal and quick to make a decision.

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