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Around the world, sausage serves as a main ingredient to an endless list of dishes. Sausages are prepared from a mixture of ground pork and beef which is seasoned and stuffed into a natural casing. Some sausages are cured, while others are raw, have a short shelf life and need to be cooked before eating. Many sausages contain spicy ingredients, which will add tang and flair to many dishes.


  • Cooks stuff sausages into a roll to make a sandwich. There are many variations to a sausage sandwich. Italian sausages, both hot and sweet varieties, are grilled or cooked in a pan along with sautéed onions and peppers. Pile the sausage and vegetables into a sausage roll and serve. Other types of sausages such as bratwurst are served in a roll with sauerkraut and spicy mustard.

German Dishes

  • Many German entrees feature sausage as a main ingredient. Germany produces over a dozen types of sausage, including Frankfurters, knackwurst, bockwurst and bratwurst. These sausages, made from lean pork, are cooked in stock and then sautéed. They are served as a main course for supper with potatoes, potato salads and cabbage.

Soups and teSws

  • In almost every region in the world, cooks use sausage in soups and stews for flavor and fat content. Cooks make Portuguese kale and potatoes soup with a spicy sausage called chorizo. The Spanish also make a number of dishes with chorizo, including serving it straight off the grill and cut up into bite size pieces for tapas, an appetizer. The Italians make bean soup by first sautéing sausage, removing it from the pan and using the fat for cooking onions and garlic to use as a base. The sausage is later added in to simmer with beans and vegetables. Louisiana has embraced the andouille sausage, which is featured in Cajun and Creole cooking. Andouille sausage, with its spicy and smoky flavor, is a key ingredient in jambalaya and gumbo. The French also serve stews such as pot au feu, which is made from ham hock, sausage, beans and vegetables.


  • Many pasta sauces are made from sausage. A easy and common recipe is a sausage Bolognese. Bolognese sauce, made from sautéed onions and tomatoes, replaces minced meat with sausage for a smokier and meatier flavor. Sausage may also be served in a cold pasta dish by cooking the sausage and allowing to cool.

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