Campsite Halloween Decorating Ideas


Camping on Halloween is a wonderful and spooky adventure. Kids may be upset they are out of town on Halloween and do not get to trick-or-treat, but show them you can have just as much fun on Halloween while camping. Set up your campsite like a haunted forest and you will be sure to have everyone in the campsite at your tent telling spooky stories around the fire.

Witch in a Tree

  • Have a witch make a crash landing into a tree at your campsite. Make two legs and two arms out of dowels or 1/4-inch-thick planks of wood. Place the "arms" and "legs" into a black shirt and pants. Attach one of each to either side of the tree making it look as if the clothes crashed into the tree. The best way to attach the arms and legs is to nail them to the tree. However, the campsite may not allow this so check the rules before you start hammering away. The witch may also be attached with string to smaller branches. Finally, attach a hat, wig and the back of a broom. Finish her with a cape made from a trash bag and green gloves for hands.

Circle of Ghosts

  • Create a circle of ghosts of camping past gathered in a circle around the fire telling spooky stories and roasting pumpkin seeds. Stick wooden poles in the ground in a circle around the fire or near your tent. Attach a ball of newspaper to the top of each pole and cover each with a white sheet. Wrap twine around the bottom of the newspaper ball to secure the sheet. Place fire logs in the center of the circle. Do not light a fire inside the circle of ghosts.

Black Cat Shadows

  • Give campers puppets and let them create their own spooky shadow stories. Cut a cat body and head, one front leg and one back leg, and a tail separately from sturdy paper. Attach the legs and tail to the bodice with brass fasteners, loosely enough to allow movement. Glue craft sticks to the back of each leg and the tail. Hang a white sheet between two trees and put a source of light behind it. The source of light can be the campfire, a lantern or a flashlight. Take turns playing with the shadow puppet and telling spooky stories.

Spider Hollow

  • Scare campers by transforming your campsite into an arachnid playground. Cover the campsite with fake spiderwebs and spiders. Hang them from trees, scatter them on the ground and, for a real scare, hide them in guests' sleeping bags. Use a variety of sizes and species for the best effect.

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