List of Celebrity Diets

The importance of maintaining a healthy body is crucial to many people, but especially to celebrities. They have an image to uphold and tend to be careful about what they eat. There are many different types of celebrity diets. Celebrity diets become popular mainly due to the media and their constant vigilance as to what celebrities eat and the diets they follow. A celebrity who loses weight drastically is often the beginning of an association with a particular diet.

  1. Atkins Diet

    • Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie are just three celebrities who use the Atkins Diet. The Atkins Diet works by changing your body into a ketosis state, whereby it allows the body to use fat as fuel and this has as a benefit losing weight rapidly. For example, in the diets first two weeks, known as the induction phase, you are only allowed to eat meats, fats and some cheeses.

    Blood Type Diet

    • Cheryl Cole, selected as FHM UK's sexiest woman in the world, swears by the Blood Type Diet. She states that is has made a difference, not just in her body shape, but also in how she feels and her energy levels. Courteney Cox is also a follower of the Blood Type Diet. Different diet recommendations are made by Peter D'Adamo, author of the book "Right 4 Your Type." Some diet types recommend abstaining from eating red meats, while another blood diet type is encouraged to eat a diet rich in meat.

    David Kirsch Diet

    • Celebrities who adhere to the David Kirsch Diet include Liv Taylor, Naomi Campbell, Sophie Dahl and Bridget Hall. David Kirsch has incorporated into his diet the idea of balancing the body, mind and spirit. He stresses the need to engage in exercise, maintain good health and spiritual wellness in his overall approach to personal well-being. Along with dieting, he has a high repetitions workout program that includes cardio and resistance exercises. He encourages the avoidance of certain foods and drinks, such as bread, alcohol, fruits, most fats, dairy products, carbs heavy on starch and sweets.

    The Zone Diet

    • Jennifer Aniston is one celebrity who uses the Zone Diet. This diet includes a specific formula on the percentage of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that you are allowed to eat. The Zone Diet was developed by Barry Sears, Ph.D., and claims to be more effective than other diets in maintaining the weight loss. The Zone Diet has strict guidelines on the percentages you should eat at every meal.

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