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Many Boston gifts have to do with the city's famous harbor.

If you're looking for a special gift for someone who lives in or has a special fondness for the city of Boston, try buying them a city-themed gift for the next holiday or special celebration. There are multiple aspects of this northeastern city that can be encompassed in the form of a gift, and Boston-themed gifts for nearly any budget or style.

  1. Sports-Related Gifts

    • Boston is well-known for its professional sports teams, all of which have huge fan followings. Boston's baseball, basketball, football and hockey teams all offer numerous gift items sporting their name and logo. You can buy just about anything sporting a Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins or New England Patriots logo, including traditional sports gear, clothing and accessories; household items like toasters, cooking utensils and furniture; and smaller items like keychains, mugs, and pens.

    Nautical Gifts

    • Boston is known for its proximity to water, making nautical or ocean-themed gifts popular Boston gift ideas. Photos or artwork featuring the famed Boston Harbor or Boston coast make great gifts. There are also numerous Boston sailing- themed postcards and calendars available for purchase, and puzzle-lovers will enjoy solving a puzzle that features some of Boston's famed waterways or other local nautical images.

    Food Gifts

    • Gifts of food or gift baskets featuring an array of Boston-related food items make great gifts. Boston cream pie can be purchased at most bakeries and grocery stores, or can be made yourself as a special homemade treat. Boston clam chowder is another staple of the city, and while cans of the famous chowder can be purchased at many grocery stores, most Boston natives only consider soup made there as authentic. Boston baked beans, lobster and other seafood are all other popular food items that can be used as Boston-themed gifts.

    Apparel and Accessories

    • A traditional approach to a Boston gift is to purchase Boston-themed apparel and accessories. T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats with the Boston name or Boston sayings can be purchased at a number of gift stores in the city or online. Popular shirt sayings include "Boston native" or "I love Boston," and you can also design and make your own Boston-themed apparel gift online at make-your-own apparel companies such as

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