Crazy Ideas for Spirit Week


If you're tired of run-of-the-mill Spirit Week activities, spice it up this year. Think outside the box and organize activities and themes that will take students by surprise and have them clamoring to showcase their creativity and school spirit.

Get crazy with school spirit during Spirit Week.
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Assign a color to each class. Give the class the entire week to accumulate as many items as possible in that color. Put each class (with its items) on one side of the football field. At the sound of a horn, each class must try to cover as much as possible of the field with its color. Or buy several Twister mats and hold a tournament during the assembly. To make it extra fun, cover the mats' spots with a messy material of a corresponding color; ketchup for red, yellow for mustard, relish for green and blue finger paint for blue.

Get crazy with your Spirit Week competitions.
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Have students form teams and hold an "improv" day. Form a committee to brainstorm the craziest and most mismatched cues for each round, such as "Michael Jackson," "bananas" and "trash can." Give students the cues just before they perform. They must put on a one-minute skit incorporating each of the cues. You could also recruit a videography student to film a reality TV show in the school. Hold auditions before Spirit Week and form a cast, then follow the chosen students during Spirit Week. You could also set up a stage on the football field and hold your own version of "The Dating Game" or "The Newlywed Game" (use best friends instead of couples). You could ask "What color is your girlfriend's backpack?" or "Has your best friend ever broken a bone?"

Game shows can be a source of laughter and fun during Spirit Week.
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Have students form teams and ask for volunteers to be body canvases. The teams will use the volunteer's body to paint a spirited tribute to the school. Or get a large roll of paper and stretch it from one end of the school or football field to the other. Assign each class a section of paper and supply paint for them to decorate it, then use it to line the hallways. You could also ask a local grocery store to donate shopping carts, then allow students to form teams and decorate the carts. Hold a contest and have students vote on the best one.

A colorful mural can help students showcase their spirit.
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Hold a spirit version of the old TV show "FANatic" — students make a video showing their school spirit in the craziest way they can. Post the videos on the school's website. You could also rent sumo wrestler outfits and pit the different sports teams against each other during a Spirit Week pep rally. Or turn your school into a movie theater for the day. Hang movie posters and film reels, set up a big screen in the commons area and tell students to dress as their favorite actor. Serve candy and popcorn in the lunchroom and roll out red carpet in the hallways.

Let your students feel like celebrities for a day.
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