What Is the Effect of Using Jingles in Advertising?

"Winston Tastes Good like a Cigarette Should" was among the "Ad Age" top 10 jingles of the century.
"Winston Tastes Good like a Cigarette Should" was among the "Ad Age" top 10 jingles of the century. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

The use of jingles in advertising is generally intended to enhance the brand recognition and memorability of the advertisement. A number of the most successful jingles throughout history remain a part of American popular culture well after the campaigns that made them famous. Jingles are typically associated with the common advertising objective of brand recall.

Jingle History

Jingles have existed in advertising since the early 1920s. Note Line Music Productions attributes the first modern commercial jingle to a 1926 General Mills breakfast cereal commercial featuring an a cappella quartet. Ad jingles become more prominent in the 1930s, and later become a prominent element in television advertising. Development of technology over time has added to the musical capabilities of jingles, and most 21st century jingles are recorded in professional music studios.

Brand Recall

Creating brand awareness and promoting brand recall are among the major objectives for advertisers. Giving the marketplace a familiarity with your brand is necessary before you can persuade them to buy your products. The use of catchy jingles and memorable slogans are two conventions of promoting brand recall in advertising. The strategy of incorporating a catchy jingle into your ad campaigns can have long-lasting impact for your brand. People often find themselves singing ad jingles without thought.

Cognitive Residue

Simply adding a musical element to an advertising message significantly increases the memorability of the message, points out Note Line Music Productions. Jingles often have a way of connecting with the emotional receptors of consumers than ads without them. When people in your brand's target market find themselves singing your jingle in association with a moment of joy, peace or comfort, for instance, they connect that feeling with your brand and jingle.

Most Effective Jingles

Some jingles are so catchy and memorable that they take a brand to new heights. In certain instances, the jingles themselves become as noteworthy as the brands they represent. Among its list of the Top 10 jingles of the century, "Ad Age" magazine highlights the McDonald's "You Deserve a Break Today" as the most memorable jingle of the 20th century. The Army "Be All That You Can Be" recruiting jingle came in at number two. The classic Oscar Mayer wiener song made the cut as well.

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