Ideas for Sunday Night Class for Kids at Church

While a traditional Sunday School is the foundational core of Christian education in many churches, options for children on Sunday evenings vary greatly. A children's ministry can take advantage of the more casual atmosphere of Sunday night to develop a child's Christian growth and discipleship. A well-developed program may even attract children who are not willing to attend Sunday morning sevices. There are several quality ideas for a Sunday night children's class at church.

  1. Missions

    • Kids develop a world vision through studying missions.
      Kids develop a world vision through studying missions.

      In giving the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), Jesus commanded his followers to spread the gospel to all nations. The primary way that churches work to fulfill the Great Commission is through missions. Sunday night is a prime opportunity to educate children about missions. The Woman's Missionary Union provides a number of missions education programs including Girls in Action and Children in Action. Royal Ambassadors provides a range of materials for educating boys about missions. Another option is to invite missionaries to speak during class time.

    Bible Skills

    • Bible memorization encourages appreciation for scripture.
      Bible memorization encourages appreciation for scripture.

      Children excel at memorizing quickly, making the basic Christian discipline of Bible-verse memorization an ideal Sunday evening activity. Memorization can be as simple as choosing verse and passages to memorize. Awana is a commercial Bible-verse memorization curriculum used by many churches. Bible drills teach children to locate verses, passages and books of the Bible in an enjoyable, competition-oriented environment. Churches with a Bible drills program typically meet with other churches on a period basis for competitions.

    Children's Church

    • Children can enjoy worship as much as adults.
      Children can enjoy worship as much as adults.

      While children's church is typically associated with Sunday morning worship, there is no reason why a church can't choose to do one on Sunday evening instead. A children's church typically incorporates traditional elements of a worship service including songs, scripture reading and a message or sermon. Teachers may prepare their own program or use a commercially available curriculum such as Superchurch 2.0 that include, "... cutting edge Short Films, the Adventures of the Masked Hero Motion Comic and Digital Review Questions."


    • Physical activity can benefit Christian education.
      Physical activity can benefit Christian education.

      An action-oriented class is a sure way to grab children's attention. Children can exchange their Sunday morning dress clothes for play clothes on Sunday night as they study the Bible and participate in games and learning activities. An action-oriented class involves children interactively through wacky games and activities such as theme nights. Teachers may supplement a normal curriculum with extra activities or use a well-designed curriculum such as Superkid Academy, that teach Biblical truth through interactive lessons.

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