Types of Tornado Shelters & Costs


If you live in the Midwest section of the U.S., you may want to consider buying a tornado shelter. The Midwest is known for having the worst tornadoes in the entire world. This is especially true of states like Oklahoma, Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Arkansas. In a normal year, there are about 800 tornadoes that are reported in the country.

Five Person

  • The 5-person Tornado Safe Room is a tornado shelter that is perfect for smaller families of up to five people. It is still roomy enough to also provide shelter for the family pet. Through testing, it has been established that it is capable of withstanding projectiles traveling up to 100 mph and wind loads of up to 450 mph.The door and the walls of the 5-Person Tornado Safe Room are made from 10-gauge steel panels, which is reinforced with angle iron. The cost of this tornado shelter is $4,300 at time of publication.

Iron Eagle II

  • The Iron Eagle II is an above-ground tornado shelter that costs $4,295 at publication time. It features maximum tornado safety at a price that is quite affordable. The garage is an ideal place to position this tornado shelter, but if an owner wants it placed somewhere else he can be unbolt it and move it around. In non-emergency situations, this shelter doubles as an effective home safe for valuables while the owner is on vacation. It is so solid that it can also be a gun safe.

Steel Yard Bunker

  • If you are looking for a tornado shelter that is priced economically, then the Steel Yard Bunker fits the criterion. Selling for $3,495 at publication time, not including the cost of installation and delivery, the Steel Yard Bunker is a below-ground tornado shelter that can hold up to seven people during a tornado. Unlike fiberglass or concrete tornado shelters, the steel construction of this one will not allow it to crack outdoors. The Steel Yard Bunker will lessen any maintenance by up to 50 percent versus shelters made from other materials.

Two Person

  • Tornado shelters come in all shapes and sizes, so even if you have only one or two people in your family, you shouldn't have to buy a larger shelter than what you need. The 2-Person Tornado Safe Room is built to withstand winds that can reach up to 450 mph. Because of its compact size, it is ideally located in a very accessible place, such as right outside your backdoor or even in the garage. The price of such a tornado shelter is $3,645 at publication time but this includes installation and delivery.


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