Can Cheap Outdoor Stacking Resin Chairs Be Spray Painted?


You see them in back yards, patios and at family get-togethers. They are cheap, durable and weather-resistant. Resin chairs are available at a reasonable cost in most discount stores. Resin chairs are made from a form of plastic and come in a few colors -- as long as you light white, dark green or beige. Changing the color of plastic furniture can be tricky and you may end up with undesirable results if you do not follow a few simple steps.


Have all of the supplies needed to paint your chair on hand before you start the procedure to make things go quicker. If your chair is new, you will need paint thinner. If your chair has been used, an ammonia-based cleaner is needed. An assortment of rags to apply the thinner or cleaner will be needed. Since you will be using spray paint, a drop cloth will be needed to keep over spray from contaminating the surrounding area. If you do not wish to cover the entire surface of the chair with paint, use masking tape to block off areas not to be painted. Finally, obtain one spray can per chair of paint that is formulated, especially for plastic.


The chair must be cleaned with paint thinner or an ammonia-based cleaner to ensure the paint will adhere properly. Cover the entire area of the chair to be painted. Pay close attention to all nooks and crannies and make sure you do not forget about the underside of the chair if it is to be painted. Choose a location to paint the chair with good ventilation, preferably a shaded outdoor area. Choose a day to paint your chair that is not windy. Spread the drop cloth to prevent over spray from getting on any surrounding areas.


Apply masking tape to areas of the chair you do not wish to paint. Apply paint holding the can eight to ten inches away from the chair surface. Use a back and forth sweeping motion to completely cover the chair with a light coat of paint. Allow the paint to dry for 30 seconds and apply a second light coat. Continue applying light coats in the same fashion until the chair has been completely covered.


Once the chair has been painted, a certain length of time must pass before the piece can be used as normal. Although the paint may be dry to the touch just a few minutes after application, a curing period must be adhered to. Read the instructions on the spray can for the correct curing period, which can be seven days. If the chair is used normally before the curing period has ended, the paint may still be soft and will scratch and chip easily.

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