Workplace Motivation Ideas

A team approach in business can create a motivational atmosphere for workers.
A team approach in business can create a motivational atmosphere for workers. (Image: Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Motivating workers in an organization can increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and foster loyalty among the employees. Managers and supervisors should use a variety of techniques to motivate the greatest number of workers in the organization. Monetary rewards motivate some workers to meet production goals, but job satisfaction motivates workers by creating a pleasant work environment.


Praising employees and recognizing good performance is a method of motivating workers to operate at their highest level. According to Garnet Room, supervisors can acknowledge worker participation and results to encourage employees to make an effort. Supervisors and managers should try to praise workers in a public setting to acknowledge outstanding performance. The praised worker is motivated to continue in his efforts as well as other workers witnessing the public praise and recognition.

Development Programs

Development programs show workers the commitment the organization has in helping advance their careers. These programs may include training and education assistance, which encourage workers to advance in their careers. Development programs also provide the organization with a trained and skilled workforce, which helps to increase productivity. Supervisors may include development goals in an employee’s performance evaluation to motivate him to improve and advance in the company.

Incentives and Rewards

Monetary rewards such as bonuses and pay raises also encourage workers to meet production goals and perform at the highest level. The organization must distribute bonuses and raises fairly to motivate the workforce. If workers see raises and bonuses as unfairly distributed, it could have the opposite effect on worker motivation.

Employee Involvement

Organizations can motivate a workforce by instituting a policy that encourages employee involvement. Programs such as quality improvement teams provide workers with a voice in process changes or improvement efforts in the company. Encouraging employee feedback also gives workers a sense that management staff is listening to suggestions and the opinions of the workers. Managers may allow workers to make some of the decisions in the workplace as a way to motivate workers.

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