Good Questions to Ask on Accomplishments in an Interview


When you are interviewing prospective job candidates, one of the elements you are trying to uncover is whether the employee has a track record of accomplishments at previous jobs. If the candidate can accurately recount past accomplishments at the interview, she can use that to be successful with your company. There are a few different questions you can ask that will help you to determine details about past accomplishments and whether those details can be re-created at your company.

Which Career Accomplishment Makes You Most Proud?

This is the kind of a question that will bring out the biggest and best accomplishment the candidate has to offer. A prepared candidate knows that this question is her chance to impress you and make you feel that she is a proactive person who would make an ideal employee. The candidate should know that her greatest accomplishment means more if it can be proved in some way. Do not hesitate to ask whether there is any documentation or anything you can refer to in order to confirm this accomplishment and the candidate's involvement.

Walk Me Through a Step-By-Step, Detailed Account of One of Your Accomplishments

When you are looking for information on the processes a candidate follows to reach decisions and get results, asking for a detailed account is one of the best ways to do it, according to Eric Herrenkohl, writing on the website. A detailed description of how an accomplishment came about will give you significant insight into how the employee approaches issues, and whether or not that approach can be re-created regularly with your company.

Do You Prefer Team Accomplishments or Individual Accomplishments?

You are looking for honesty here, and you will be able to tell if the candidate is being honest by the content of his answer. If the answer sounds generic, the candidate is not being honest with you. For example, a response that includes vague mentions of the pride of teamwork is not giving you insight into the candidate's accomplishments. However, an answer that ties the candidate's feelings to a specific kind of accomplishment is an honest answer that you can use for your evaluation. Prepared candidates will also find a way to tie the two kinds of accomplishments together in their answer.

What Do You Feel the Company Should Provide to Help You Accomplish Your Goals?

While you would expect a laundry list of training materials and tuition assistance programs as the answer to this question, what you may actually get is an indication as to whether you have a leader or a follower in your interview room. A leader knows exactly what to expect from the company and will also tell you how she would use the resources the company has to offer. The follower will give an answer that will seem incomplete or almost unreasonable. For example, the follower may find it acceptable to spend time reading product information during work hours. The leader understands that product information should be learned at home in preparation for company training classes.

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