What Skills Do Employers Look for?

Employers look for applicants with computer skills.
Employers look for applicants with computer skills. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

There are several common skills employers are looking for when interviewing job candidates. It is important to highlight your top skills at the top of your resume. Also, make sure you know which skills are most important to the interviewing employers. These skills are usually listed in the job descriptions of each position obtained from human resources. Moreover, be able to provide examples of when you used key job skills.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are the skills employers most often seek for job applicants, according to Quintcareers.com. Communication is essential in the business world. Marketing research managers, for example, must listen to other departments so they can ask the right questions on surveys and obtain the necessary information for business decisions. Moreover, you must be able to clearly convey your ideas to others in meetings and oral presentations. Supervisors also need oral communications skills to instruct hourly workers on various tasks. Writing skills are another important communication skill. You must be able to write letters and reports that others can comprehend. Proper pronunciation of words is also important. Speak distinctly when explaining past job duties during phone and in-house interviews.

Organization Skills

Business people need organizational skills because they usually handle multiple projects. As a manager, you will need to delegate certain project tasks, coordinate the work of others and complete projects before their deadlines. As a manager, you must know how to prioritize certain tasks to help people complete these tasks in sequential order. Show up for an interview with an organizer and calendar book to demonstrate your organizational skills.

Problem Solving Skills

Businesses face problems and challenges from competitors on a daily basis. Managers must know how to identify competitive activity, assess their own company strengths and develop counter-strategies to circumvent these competitive activities. Additionally, you may need to solve problems such as employee conflict, low morale or even costly mistakes made by employees. When discussing past experience with interviewers, relate a project in which you encountered a problem situation. Tell the interviewer what steps you took to overcome the problem and the outcome you achieved.

Computer Skills

In the computer age, no employee can perform his job without one. You will need to know how to use computers and various software packages to be successful on your job. Find out what computer software programs are essential for your career or an open position. Include all the software programs you have used on your resume. Explain to the interviewer how you have used various computer software packages on previous jobs. Offer to take a course in any computer software programs in which you do not have experience.

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