Techniques for Burping a Baby


Babies are born without the ability to burp on their own. Burping a baby relieves gas, indigestion, upset stomachs and prevents spitting up. Some babies are harder to burp than others, so knowing more than one technique is beneficial. Even babies who are normally easy to burp encounter situations when a different technique helps them get rid of stubborn air bubbles.


  • Place the baby upright against your shoulder. Curve the arm of that shoulder so the baby's bottom is supported by your arm. Use the other hand to pat the baby's back in a rhythmic movement. Pat slightly above the diaper area. Pat until the baby burps, preferably two or three times.


  • Lay the baby facedown across your lap so that her head is slightly lower than your leg. Keep one hand firmly on the baby's bottom so she doesn't slide, and pat her back with the other hand.

Rubbing the Belly

  • Position the baby so that he's sitting on your lap and leaning forward slightly. Keep one hand on the baby's back to support his weight and head. Rub his belly with a circular movement. Make the circles extend from the diaper to the chest. Rub in slow circles until the baby burps.

Stroking the Back

  • Sit the baby on your lap so that she's leaning slightly forward. Keep a firm hand on her belly so she doesn't fall. Place your other hand on the baby's back, at the lowest point. Slowly stroke the baby's back with a slightly firm pressure, moving up the back. Return your hand to the bottom of the baby's back and draw it up her back to her shoulders. Repeat until the air bubbles escape and the baby burps.


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