Things to Take to an Interview

A professional appearance goes a long way in an interview.
A professional appearance goes a long way in an interview. (Image: Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Creating a professional impression at your job interview is a process that starts as soon as you receive your interview date. You need to attend to important details, such as your attire, grooming and arranging transportation. It is also important to understand what things you need to take with you to help promote good first impression at your job interview.

Copies of Your Resume

While it is true that the interviewer will have a copy of your resume in front of her during the interview, you should still bring copies of your resume. Each company has its own interview process, and you may be asked to speak to more than one interviewer.

Pen and Paper

When you go to an interview, an interviewer will expect you to be prepared by bringing your essential materials. A pen that works and a pad of blank paper for taking notes are the two most essential items you will need at your interview, according to Christine F. Della Monaca, writing on the Monster website. Supplying your own pen and taking notes during the interview will show the interviewer that you are interested in the position, and that you are taking the interview process seriously.

Reference Sheets

Each company has its own interview process. Some companies do not require your references until after the second interview, while others want to see your references early in the process. Develop a reference sheet that lists at least three professional references and two personal ones. For your professional references, indicate the working relationship you had with each person and how long you worked together. The personal references should include how long you have known each person, as well as their relationships to you. Bring several copies of your references, in case more than one person needs them.

Personal Grooming

Prior to your interview, you took the time to make sure you had a professional outfit and attended to your personal hygiene. Things can happen during the course of a day that could leave you in need of additional grooming prior to your interview. A windy day could dishevel your hair, the lunch you had prior to the interview could create bad breath or your anxious feelings prior to the interview could cause you to sweat. Create an interview grooming kit that you can bring with you, including hair grooming materials, breath fresheners, cologne or perfume and a dry towel. Remember to avoid using too much cologne or perfume, and leave your kit in the car if you can.

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