Disadvantages of Using Job Boards


While job boards can serve as a convenient way for employment candidates to view and apply for jobs and for employers to post open positions and electronically receive applications and résumés, disadvantages exist. Anything from problems submitting information to outdated job postings can cause issues when using job boards.

Broad Range of Submissions

Employers who utilize job boards as a way to find qualified applicants may be flooded with applications and résumés from people who don't have the experience, credentials or background for the position offered. Sometimes people submit résumés to job ads just to see if they will receive a response, according to Robert L. Mathis and John Harold Jackson, authors of "Human Resource Management." Software exists that will allow an employer to filter applications and résumés based on certain search features, such as keywords, but some qualified candidates could get lost in the filtering process. If filtering software is not used, an employer may be left to the time-consuming task of sorting through an endless amount of applications or résumés.

Difficulty Reaching Certain Candidates

Depending on the type of jobs employers have to offer, it may be difficult to utilize job boards as a way to reach certain socio-economic groups who may not have Internet access at home. This can reduce the diversity of the applicant pool and not allow the employer to achieve the goals of finding applicants who are well-suited for the job offered.

Information Sharing and Privacy

When you submit your personal information on a website, you can't be sure that it won't be harvested for some other purpose than you intend, such as for emailing lists or identity theft. There's always a chance that something untoward could happen when you submit information electronically. If you utilize a job board, find out if they share your email or address information with other companies up front so you can avoid their services.


While prospective job candidates can often use job boards free of charge, most job boards will probably charge employers some type of posting fee to display the ad in order to generate revenue. Also, job postings can prove expensive. If you choose to post an ad on a national job board site, the amount you pay could be significantly more than if you utilize a local job board site.

Technology Issues

As with any type of technology, employers or job candidates can experience problems when utilizing a job board. You may not be able to submit information or a job posting could be out of date, causing you to chase a false employment lead.

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