White Radish Types


White radishes are known for their color and range of flavors. There are many types of white radishes, and each has a unique shape, flavor and use. White radish varieties are classified into categories of spring, spring/summer or winter depending upon the growing temperatures that they require and the number of days until they mature.

Burpee White

  • The Burpee White radish variety is known for its rounded shape and smooth white skin. It is a spring radish, meaning it prefers cooler temperatures and can be planted as soon as the soil has thawed from winter temperatures. Burpee White radishes require full sun to grow. They are a fast growing crop and take only 25 days to mature enough for harvesting. Harvest this white radish variety once they have reach 1 inch in width. Burpee White radishes have a mild taste and store well in the refrigerator.

White Icicle

  • White Icicle radishes are a heirloom variety, meaning that they have been unchanged over time. These radishes get their name from their long tapering shape. Their slim white roots can reach up to 6 inches in length. They are spring/summer radishes that can grow in areas that receive part or full sun and require a tilled loose soil. White Icicle radishes mature in 20 to 25 days and have a hot flavor that is great in salads.

Chinese White

  • The Chinese White radish, also known as a Daikon radish, is a variety of winter radish that originate in East Asia. These radishes are planted in mid summer and require 60 days to mature. Their long, creamy white roots can reach lengths of up to 2 feet. Because of their size, Chinese White radishes should be planted 4 to 6 inches apart in rows that are spaced 3 feet apart. Chinese White radishes are tender and often cooked instead of eaten fresh. They are often used in stir fry, soup, relish and are even pickled.

Snow Belle

  • Snow Belle radishes are a spring variety of radish. Their round white roots are ready for harvest in 30 days. They require full sun and loose, loamy soil in which to grow. The Snow Belle radish has a tangy flavor and can be freshly sliced and added to tossed salads, sandwiches or eaten fresh. Snow Belle radishes can also be sauteed in butter and sprinkled with coarse salt. Fresh greens from young Snow Belle radishes can also be used in salads.

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