Personality Issues & the Workplace

Consider off-site activities to establish more friendly employee relationships.
Consider off-site activities to establish more friendly employee relationships. (Image: Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Personality issues in the workplace can wreak havoc on team productivity, focus and goals. Upper management and employees in the workplace must understand the root of conflicts in this environment to find a suitable resolution. Different personalities are one of the leading causes of conflict in the workplace, often extending from different opinions and different priorities among team members.

Different Personalities

Conflicts and issues are a natural part of life, and the workplace environment is often a breeding ground for such clashes. In any one workplace, various personalities can be found. According to the My Article Archive website, six command types found in the workplace are the commanding drivers, enthusiastic adventurers, high energizers, supporting cheerleaders, dependable stabilizers and the analyzing perfectionists. These six common different personality types all tend to operate differently; some work fast, while others might be more deliberate. Understanding and appreciating the differences in all team members will have a positive impact on the bottom line results.

The Importance of Communication

Communication plays a large role in workplace personality issues, and needs to be the remedy to the issues. Communication and resolution skills are essential qualifiers of a good management team. Difficult personality issues in the workplace may require revising communication and conflict resolution styles. For example, if two employees are emailing back and forth about disagreements regarding project priority, the conflict may be best resolved with an in-person meeting. Managers might also need to intervene to explain project priority as it relates to company objectives. It is important to understand that conflict handled in the right way can in fact be beneficial for productivity, as long as it leads to positive discussion and progress.

The Root of Workplace Issues

Personality issues in the workplace arise from a clash in perceptions, goals or values when individuals care about the outcome. A common area for conflict in the workplace is confusion or disagreement among members of an organization to achieve the common purpose. Personal goals can get in the way of goals for the overall company, which can also cause conflict. Limited internal and external resources commonly fuel competition among employees, resulting in conflict. Interdependency within an organization is the most conflicting factor in workplace personality issues, while open communication is usually the best way to prevent, manage and resolve these issues.

Finding Professional Resolutions

Professionalism is an important aspect to keeping attitudes and tempers in control. Along with a professional attitude, upper management and employees should be cordial and courteous in their actions and choice of words. For example, if an employee claims responsibility for work that you did, you should calmly correct that employee and provide indications that you did the work, rather than yelling and becoming argumentative. It is also important to get to the underlying issues instead of dismissing them as matters of personality. This unifies the team and highlights the importance of teamwork and communication. Management in the workplace must keep all relevant parties informed to avoid issues from haunting the team and affecting productivity. Regular team meetings are one way managers can clearly inform team members of company objectives and priorities and promote team unity. However, some extreme cases of personality clashes might only be resolved by firing an employee.

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