Types of Informative Speeches


Informative speaking requires the delivery of an organized speech based on thorough research. The person who delivers the speech offers useful, interesting and little-known information about a topic of interest to an audience. Four different types of well-known informative speeches exist, each suited to a specific speaking occasion.


  • Any events -- past, present or future -- are fair game for an informative speech. An informative speech based on an event can help an audience understand what happened and why it happened. When delivering this type of speech, include information that is useful to your audience instead of simply reciting a time line of events. For example, you could draw connections between events of the past and events of the present.


  • Process speeches either give information on how to complete a task or explain how a process works. In the workplace, a process speech could be utilized by Human Resources to explain how to fill out certain forms required by the employer or to train employees to perform a certain task. In school, a student could give a process speech explaining how to collect stamps, how a tachometer works or other topic of interest. This type of speech is often set up in a chronological manner due to its step-by-step development of a specific process.

Objects, Animals, Places or People

  • Speeches about objects, animals, places or people range far and wide in topic choice. These speeches can be organized spatially, topically or chronologically. The goal is to inform your audience about the particular topic you choose in an interesting way. For example, if you deliver a speech about an influential person in history, such as Abraham Lincoln, dig deep to find facts and information that are not well known to make your speech more intriguing to the audience.


  • A concept speech is based on abstract, rather than concrete information. It can become quite technical in nature, so make sure that the speech is delivered at a level appropriate for the knowledge level of your audience. Because concept speeches are based on beliefs, ideas and theories, the information the speech contains should be focused on unbiased, not persuasive, information.


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