Gifts for Nurses and Nursing Assistants

Nurses are the backbone of the medical community. They tirelessly help those struggling and in pain, sometimes with little to no recognition. Studies show that nursing burnout leads to patient dissatisfaction. Therefore, the exhaustion of nurses affects the entire medical system. One way to ease stress for the nurses and nursing assistants in your life is to give them a thoughtful gift.

  1. A Clean House

    • Help curb the stress of a busy nurse by giving her a clean house. If you have a close relationship with her, you can offer to tidy up yourself. However, in the more likely case that you only know your caretaker professionally, buy her a gift certificate from a local house cleaning service. If you have the means, consider purchasing certificates for several visits, so she can use them throughout the year or for special deep-cleaning projects.

    Home-Cooked Meals

    • Working long or taxing shifts doesn't allow the typical nurse or nursing assistant much time to freshly prepare meals. Add family commitments to the 's schedule and there's even less free time in a day. Companies that prepare and deliver meals from scratch have been popping up everywhere in recent years. Find a company who delivers in your nurse's area and buy him a week or so of not hassling with food preparation.

      Alternately, next time you are cooking, make an extra casserole of lasagne to give your nurse. Or give her a quart of your black bean soup.

    Comfortable Shoes or Scrubs

    • Most nurses and assistants are on their feet for many hours a day tending to patients' needs, so they love comfortable clothes. Covertly finding out her shoe size through a receptionist can provide you the information necessary to buy her a gift she's not expecting. There are even styles that don't look like typical work shoes. Scrubs are more forgiving in size and are available in many great colors and fun patterns, so you can choose one that fits her personality.

    A Basket of Grooming Goodies

    • It's hard to feel attractive when you're always on the run as a nurse. Typically, spending hours on grooming is one of the first priorities put on the back burner when constantly being called upon by doctors and patients. Remind her of how fun it feels to look and smell good by putting together a basket of lotions, body spray, bath soaps and foot soaks. Or choose some lipsticks and lip balms that you think she'd enjoy wearing. If your budget allows, include a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure at a local salon.

    Nursing Movies & TV Shows

    • Most nurses and nursing assistants are passionate about their professions. Sitting down to a movie or show based on their experiences can be a relaxing and validating way to end their day. They can laugh or have their heartstrings pulled as they relate to what the characters go through.

      Choose a DVD of either a movie or television show featuring the medical profession, or purchase several and give them as a set, along with some microwave popcorn and other goodies fro snacking.

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