Wushu Iron Fist Training Techniques


Wushu is the Chinese term for what Westerners know as kung fu. Iron fist techniques are those that are used to toughen up your hand and fists in order to deliver more devastating blows and experience less pain when engaging in a fight. Wushi iron fist training techniques involve building up the muscles in the hand along with toughening up and callousing the skin so that your hand can deliver more punishment to an opponent.


  • Perform a variety of different push-ups to strengthen the muscles used to make a fist and toughen up your hands. Knuckle push-ups are good because they put your entire body weight on your knuckles, which will toughen them up to make your punches fiercer. Finger push-ups are also good because you strengthen all the muscles of your fingers, which, when curled up, form your fist. As your fingers grow stronger, you might want to graduate to two-finger push-ups, which will further strengthen your first two fingers. The knuckles of your first two fingers are what you should connect with when you effectively deliver a good martial arts punch. Doing two sets of each type of push-up every time you work out will help you to harden and strengthen your fists.

Heavy Bag

  • Condition your hands to take and deliver more punishment by working out on the heavy bag regularly without wearing gloves. You might want to start with just hand wraps, and as your hands become more conditioned, switch to bare knuckles. A few rounds of bare-knuckle punching a week on a good heavy bag will toughen your fists and improve your punching technique in general.

Bricks and Towels

  • For a more advanced method of conditioning your hand iron fist-style, place a cinder block on a stand of some kind about the height of your waist. Drape a towel over the front of the block in a single layer. This will be your striking surface. Strike the surface repeatedly doing one set of 30 for each hand. Begin with limited force of impact and gradually add more velocity as you get more comfortable with the technique and your hand becomes tougher.

Weight Training

  • Use weights to strengthen the muscles in your hand along with the wrist muscles that support you when you deliver a punch. Using dumbbells to perform wrist curls is one of the best exercises to strengthen your punch. Having stronger wrist muscles will allow you to punch with more power and increase the velocity with which your fist strikes the target.

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