Photography Styles

Photography styles refer to different types of pictures and the conditions required to produce them. These styles can vary according to subject, angle, technique, location, purpose and time of the day. From macro commercial photo shots to a black-and-white wedding portrait, photos are often the results of combined photographic styles. Photographers can also develop their own creative photographic style.

  1. Subject

    • Photography can embrace numerous subjects, from people and animals to food and commercial products. Portrait photography represents a style where people are the main subject. Often, this style of photography is used to capture something special about the subject, such as his personality. Wildlife or nature photography's main goal is to capture animals in their own habitat, landscapes and other natural scenes. Commercial photography is used to produce images of food and other goods.

    Angle and Technique

    • Macro photography refers to the use of zoom lenses to produce detailed images of small subjects. Landscape photography tends to use broader angles to show the scene as a whole. Aerial photography is another photography style used to show the ground from above. Different techniques, such as black and white, sepia or old-style also contribute to the creation of diverse photography styles. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a technique used to create vibrant detail-rich images by capturing multiple photos of the same scene or subject using different exposure values. The exposures are later combined using a specific software to create HDR photography.


    • Some photography styles are closely linked to specific events, such as weddings, fashion shows and sport competitions. These styles involve the ability of capturing people often in movement or during important moments of an event. Photojournalism is another photography style, and it aims to tell the story of an incident or event in images. Photojournalism also refers to documentary photography and street photography.


    • The best known location photography styles include underwater photography and travel photography. Underwater photography requires general knowledge about photography as well as how to use waterproof equipment. This style is often used to capture marine wildlife. Travel photography's main goal is to capture a place in its natural state, often in connection with people and culture. Travel photography can be combined with photojournalism.

    Night Photography

    • Night photography can be a challenging photographic style, but it is possible to create night images by using long exposures, a tripod and artificial flash lights. Many factors affect night photography, including the quantity of light and the steadiness of the camera to avoid image blur when shooting with long exposures.

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