Types of Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads


Rain Bird sprinkler heads come in four types: impact, rotor, spray head and Maxi-Paw. All except for the impact sprinkler head are installed in the ground and remain hidden until activated. The impact sprinkler head can be placed anywhere, used in numbers or alone, and be connected to a standard, above-ground hose. Learn more about Rain Bird sprinkler heads before planning a yard irrigation system.


  • Rain Bird's impact sprinkler head is mounted atop a spike stuck in the ground of where watering is desired. Connect a standard hose to the unit's base and water can flow through the adjustable spray head. Another impact sprinkler can be connected to the first by adding a standard hose. A diffuser dial will adjust the spray into a fine mist, if necessary. This sprinkler head also can rotate 360 degrees or remain stationary to water one spot while using the unit's arc collars.


  • Rain Bird's rotary sprinkler heads are used for an underground irrigation system that consists of one or more valves connected to a timer. When the timer activates the system, the sprinklers will rise from hidden spots in the ground and water the designated area. These heads also may adjusted to spray water within specific boundaries. The throw or water projection range also can be reduced up to 25 percent.


  • Rain Bird's basic soaker sprinkler has a single-stream, non-rotating head. Twist the stem to direct water toward the area to be watered. This head does not automatically rotate. It does come with interchangeable nozzles to change the rate of the stream. The spray pattern can be adjusted to encompass a range of 360 degrees.


  • Rain Bird's Maxi-Paw is like a combination of an impact sprinkler and underground rotary sprinkler. The unit is installed underground and is activated by a connected timer. It rises above ground and features a small spray head that work's like the company's impact spray head. Each Maxi-Paw comes with several interchangeable nozzles to provide a stream pattern options. The rotation and water projection ranges also are adjustable.

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