Pranks to Play on Friends With Household Items


Friends show affection towards one another in many forms, including prank jokes. If you know your friend will not be physically or emotionally scarred by a prank joke, pulling one from time to time can be a fun way to laugh, build memories and create a rivalry that will last for years to come.

Toilet Bubbles

  • Before people come over, or while no one is looking, place a cup of bubble bath solution and red food dye into the cistern of the toilet. Avoid making the mistake of placing it in the toilet bowl as the prank will be ruined. When the next person flushes the toilet, red bubbles will appear and be a cause for great concern. Have towels or a mop handy for the clean-up.

Lottery Fool

  • Record at least one or two televised lottery announcements with plenty of leeway before and after to make this prank appear real. You may consider recording the full show before and after in order to give enough time to build up to the moment. After taping, purchase the exact numbers on one ticket. Remember lottery announcements happen at the same time each night or week so choose a time to do this prank that is believable for your audience. As the time grows closer for the lottery drawing on your pre-recorded show, make sure you announce you need to find your ticket to check your numbers. Act otherwise normal and check your numbers during the drawing with normalcy until three are correct then begin to start to draw more attention to yourself. A simple, "I won," after all the numbers have been called will suffice to begin the hysteria of your victims. Break the prank after everyone has calmed down by restarting the program or some other nonchalant giveaway. This prank is especially great if recorded.

Mailbox Surprise

  • People expect to find nothing but paper and boxes inside the mail. Adding a little surprise to your mailbox can be a great, simple household prank. Be sure to not place anything illegal in your mailbox or tamper with anyone else's box as this is illegal also. Within your own box, you can surprise members of your household with fake spiders, snakes or rats or real ones if they are harmless. Another variation is setting up the mailbox so that upon opening confetti or water shoots out and scares the victim. Make sure that children and mailmen have no chance of being the ones to find your surprise.

Colorful Shower

  • Take the showerhead off from the pipe by unscrewing it. Pour a full packet of flavored juice drink into your showerhead. Reattach the shower head and cleanup any crystals that may have fell on the floor so as to not give away the prank. The first person who takes a shower will have a very colorful, flavorful shower that will most likely dye their skin.

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