Real Life Stories of Miracles


There are many firsthand accounts of real life miracles and the stories of these miracles make for inspirational reading. In general, people attribute these real life miracles to the caring and abundant love of God. Stories of miracles often include people who were on their deathbeds and then recovered miraculously from their afflictions or illnesses.

Cynthia Rose’s Grandmother

  • Real life miracles sometimes happen to people after doctors give them only a few months to live. Cynthia Rose’s grandmother was one such case. She was diagnosed with cancer and told she had only three to six months to live. After being told she had a limited lifespan, she decided to stand up to her controlling husband and do things that she was never permitted to do before, such as dancing. She also engaged in other forbidden acts, such as singing hymns in retirement homes and listening to Elvis songs. Her cancer went into remission after she took control of her life and did the things she had always dreamed of.

Greta Bruins’ Miracle

  • Greta Bruins had a baby boy named Cameron and then had seven miscarriages in a row. Her OBGYN told her she would never be a parent again. Greta’s mother, Johanne Bruins, began to dream that Greta did indeed have another child. For many years, Johanne’s dreams continued, becoming more and more vivid. She even dreamed that she held her future granddaughter in her arms. When Johanne told Greta about these dreams, the daughter told her mother that she was wrong, based on what her doctor had said. However, one day she became ill in the presence of her mother, and her mother told her she must be pregnant. The pregnancy was confirmed a couple of weeks later. It was not an easy pregnancy, especially because of Greta’s prior miscarriages. In addition, the ultrasound showed the sex of the baby as being a male, but Johanne knew she had dreamt of holding a granddaughter, not a grandson. She told her daughter the ultrasound was wrong and she was proven correct when the baby girl was born. Johanne believes that it was angels communicating God’s message through her dreams that led her to have these miracle dreams.

Cindy Asmus’s Miracle

  • Cindy Asmus suffered from Parkinson’s disease and was unable to perform simple tasks involving the use of her hands. She was having great difficulty doing things like tying her shoes, brushing her teeth or writing. Her illness got worse and led to uncontrollable shaking. Cindy prayed for God to help her and make her condition improve. One day at church, the pastor asked if anyone needed prayer. Cindy got up, kneeled before the alter of the church and asked God to please heal her. She says that God answered her and told her that he was going to heal her, but the time wasn’t right yet. A few months later, at a prayer session at church, she realized that all of a sudden she was no longer shaking. She believes that her trust in God’s ability to heal her physical ailment was the key to the miracle of her healing.

Miracle of Joyce Hawkes

  • Joyce Hawkes, a cell biologist with a Ph. D., fell out a window, suffered a concussion, and then died. She came back to world of the living claiming to have a deeper understanding of what awaits us on the other side. She described having an out-of-body experience while she was dead. Her whole view of science was transformed in that singular event. Her death led her to a place that she described as being peaceful, healing and nurturing. Joyce’s miracle taught her that death should not be feared.

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