Consequences of Bullying in School


Some people see bullying in school as something that is a normal part of childhood. They simply do not realize the seriousness of this issue and think that it is just a part of growing up. However, there are many consequences that bullying can have on a child, both short-term and long-term.


  • Victims of bullying often experience high levels of anxiety which may lead to them becoming afraid to go to school. This may result in poor school attendance, which in turn has negative impacts on academic achievements. The victim may also find it hard to focus due to obsessive worrying about the bullies, which further impacts academics and will often lead to lower grades. Severe bullying can have long-term impacts on the victim as it may even cause him to drop out of school and not have the desire to further his education at a college or university.


  • Due to low self-worth, a victim of bullying may have a very hard time making friends. In some instances, she feels that she is not worthy enough to have friends. Her peers may not want to associate with her due to peer-pressure and the fear that they too will be bullied. So the victim becomes isolated and this can affect her social skills and ability to form and sustain friendships in later life.


  • The emotional effects of bullying are many. Victims have a higher likelihood of suffering from anxiety disorders, stress, panic attacks and depression. Bullying leads to self-esteem issues as the victim often feels that he has no worth and suffers constant feelings of inferiority and feelings of never being good enough for anything. In severe cases it can also lead to thoughts or actions of suicide.


  • Often, victims of bullying will experience one or more health related problems such as anxiety, stress, sleep difficulties and depression. The psychological effects can in turn cause physical stress to the victim's body, making her more vulnerable to disease and infection as her immune system is weakened. Therefore, she may become sick more often than her peers who are not being bullied, and this has many consequences in regards to her ability to lead a normal healthy life.

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