The Importance of Mobile Communications in the Communication Fields


With the rapid growth and innovations witnessed in the mobile industry, the communication field has greatly transformed. The traditional use of mobile phone text messaging and calling has bridged a gap in distance communication while offering convenience to consumers. Continued innovation in the industry, such as mobile Internet and social networking applications such as Twitter, has further had a measurable impact in the communication field.


  • Mobile communication has transformed the media industry. It has opened a new opportunity for program makers, advertisers and video makers to access audience on the go. The ability of watching television via mobile is an innovation that has opened a new channel of communication in the media industry. Cell phones with cameras have proved useful in covering stories and capturing footage as in the London bombing on July 7, 2005.

Personal Communications

  • Mobile communications has become a force to reckon with in personal communication. It has made communication with friends and relatives easier, as it is convenient and relatively affordable. The use of text messaging and calling is especially significant if a family or a friend is far away. The mobile cuts across distance allowing people to connect with convenience eluding the loneliness caused by distance.

Business Communication

  • Business communication has greatly eased with the advent of mobile communication. It enables colleagues or business partners to discuss business without necessarily holding meetings. Mobile phones also have in-built agendas, reminders and contact lists which makes work plans and business communication faster. It also makes communication with suppliers and other branches instant. This prevents time wastage, inconveniences and incurring high cost on travelling expenses to business associates and suppliers.

Social Networking

  • Modern cellular phones have features, such as text messaging and e-mail, further expanding the communication platform allowing people to connect. Internet-enabled phones give access to social networking applications, such as Facebook and Twitter, from anywhere across the globe. Social networks create platforms for people to share ideas, get updated and make friends across cultures. The applications also serve as a marketing and advertising platform for products, services and talents. Social networking has also advanced political communication and causing revolutions such as in the case of the Egyptian's revolution that stemmed out from communication on Facebook.

Cultures and Languages

  • The advent of mobile communication has influenced creation of new cultures and languages. Text messaging applications have led to an evolved version of English. Due to a limited number of characters allowed in texting, users shorten words such as B4 to stand for 'before' and use of creative acronyms to communicate using fewer characters as possible. Mobile phones have given rise to cultures whereby the new generation value mobile communication instead of personal interactions. It has also enabled social interactions that would normally not be allowed such as interaction between opposite genders in countries like Saudi Arabia.

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