When Is an iPhone Fully Charged?


Like most portable devices, the iPhone is powered by rechargeable battery technology. This lowers end-user costs and makes a mobile device generally more convenient. The iPhone offers two charging mechanisms and a set of indicators to let the user know when the phone is fully charged. With either method, the time required to recharge the battery is the same.

The iPhone Battery

  • The iPhone uses a lithium-ion battery. This type of battery discharges energy when lithium ions move from negatively charged electrodes to positive ones. During recharging, the ions move from the positive electrodes back to the negative ones. Apple offers helpful advice on how to extend battery life and recommends tapping "Settings," "General" and then "Usage" to view the "Time Last Charged" information. This display tells the user how long the phone has been used since its last full charge.

How to Charge

  • The iPhone is charged by docking it to a computer or connecting it to a wall outlet using the power cable shipped with the phone. Listening to music, browsing the Web or making calls while the iPhone is charging will prolong the recharging time. If the iPhone battery is completely dead, it will take longer than usual for it to charge.

Average Charging Times

  • A healthy iPhone battery will charge in about four hours. Interestingly, the iPhone charges to approximately 80 percent capacity during the first two hours and will take an additional two hours to charge the remaining 20 percent. This is because of an effect designed into lithium-ion batteries known as "trickling." This makes it possible to use the battery faster by bringing it up to a usable charge as quickly as possible.

    The battery in your iPhone can be recharged a great many times, but it will eventually lose its charging efficiency. This occurs gradually and it is because lithium-ion batteries lose a bit of their charge capacity at every charge.

Fully Charged Indicator

  • The iPhone user interface contains two icons in the upper right corner that indicate battery status. When charging, this area will appear as a gray lightning bolt; and when the charge is complete, the lightning bolt will change to an electrical plug. Once the iPhone has completed the charging cycle, it should be disconnected promptly to prevent possible damage to the battery.

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