What States Are Freshwater Stingrays Legal In?


Owning a species of freshwater stingrays legally comes with research about the state you reside in. There are 10 states where these creatures are illegal to own by an individual. Permits to own a freshwater stingray in these states may be restricted to aquariums, zoos and research facilities for educational purposes. Be sure to check your state laws before purchasing. Out of the 50 states, freshwater stingrays are illegal in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

Deciding on the Right Species

  • Deciding which species is important. Spotted stingrays are banned in most states since they have a venomous stinger on their tail and have the ability to adapt to freshwater lakes and reproduce, creating dangers to humans in the water. There are species without the poisonous spear in their tail and much smaller than the traditional freshwater stingray, such as the sawfish.

Owning a Freshwater Stingray

  • A reputable seller will help you chose the right size aquarium with a well-filtered system to house your pet and meet with your state's requirements. For the smaller species a 50-gallon aquarium is adequate. The water temperature must be a constant 75 to 80 degrees in order to keep a stingray healthy. Their lifespan is unknown to researchers.


  • Compatibility with fish you may already have in your aquarium is important when purchasing a stingray. Most stingrays are gentle, with the exception of mating season, where the male becomes aggressive. Owning two or more of different genders is possible. However, different species of aggressive fish may harm or fatally wound your stingray. Finding the right combination is necessary to the health and well-being of your stingray.

Food for Your Freshwater Stingray

  • Food for your freshwater stingray can easily be purchased at your local grocery store. You can purchase the shelled shrimp in the deli section or remove the shells yourself. Stingrays also like pieces of fish which can be found at the deli or the frozen section in the grocery store. Another favorite is angleworms found at a pet store.

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