Landscaping Ideas with Flat Rocks


Flat rocks can be used in the design of your garden or lawn and enhance the curb appeal of your property. They can complement an existing garden or replace greenery entirely in favor of a rock aesthetic to make your front and back yard distinct.

Front-Yard Pathway

Use flat rocks, especially flagstone, to create a stone pathway that leads to your front door. A flat-rock pathway also can help you and your visitors avoid rough patches in your front yard.

Either lay flat rocks in grass or carve them into soil or a rocky terrain. You also can lay flat rocks on sod or leveled sand. The most important aspects of creating a flat-rock pathway are to ensure the rocks align evenly and no more than about 1 inch of space is between the rocks.

You have the choice of buying different shapes of flat rocks to enhance the path's visual appeal. Flat rocks that are granite or flagstone can add color and flair to your landscaping scheme.

Steps for a Sloped Yard

Using flat rocks is an ideal way to create steps in a yard that slopes. If, for example, you have a steep decline from a patio, you could install flat rocks to form steps that provide safety and add beauty to your yard. Dig out enough soil and level each area of sloped land where you want to install flat rocks so they will lay flat and secure.

Consider using the same kind and color of rocks for each step to create a seamless look. If you want something more bold, then choose rocks of different types and colors for a look that is attention-grabbing and distinct. Edging the flat-rock steps with a flower arrangement will make them stand out even more.

Stone Fountain

A fountain can add class, elegance and style to your back yard, and one style you can choose is a flat-rock fountain. That kind of fountain consists of slabs of flat rocks stacked on top of each other, and a number of configurations can be used. For example, you can create a flat-rock fountain with similarly sized rocks except for the top slab, which can be wider and lengthier, allowing the fountain water to flow downward with greater force. You also could create a fountain in which flat rocks that are slate or granite are cut into rectangular shapes and placed in the structure's base, giving you a fountain that has the appearance of a monument, with water running down each side.

Decorative Flowerbed

Use flat rocks in your flowerbed to beautify your home and to prevent the growth of weeds, which won't grow on rocks. Also, colorful butterflies are like flying flowers in a garden, and flat rocks help to attract them. Butterflies are drawn to the warmth of flat rocks in sunny spots, spreading their wings for the warmth while resting on the rocks and beautifying the garden at the same time.

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