What Jobs Are Good for Type-A Personalities?


Type-A personalities tend to be hard-working, driven people who prefer having command over their actions to being subservient to someone else. Type-A personalities are often workaholics who are adept at multitasking, setting and meeting goals, and managing others, according to a 2012 article in Psychology Today. These traits are often sought after in high-stress, deadline-focused, high-production industries. Describing yourself as a type-A personality to interviewers seeking these qualities can give you an edge in securing a job.

Supervisory Roles

  • Type-A personalities are well-suited to management roles where they have the ability to dictate business mandates to others. They have solid organizational skills and are adept at delegating work and projects. They work hard and expect others to work hard as well. Career paths might include executive-level positions such as president, CEO, CFO, vice president, administrator, controller, manager or director.

Self-Employed Entrepreneur

  • Starting and running a business or entrepreneurial endeavor requires many of the traits of a type-A personality, according to Business Insider. Such work requires commitment and dedication to putting in long hours and handling all oversight aspects of an operation. These individuals must be self-starters who can think and act on their feet, change direction quickly when needed, and prompt others to action. Roles might include business consultant, business owner, contingency planner or market strategist.

Legal Fields

  • Type-A personalities like to debate, argue and get to the heart of matters. Careers in the legal profession can suit this type of individual. Type-A personalities have the intellect for detailed research and the capacity to press on despite obstacles. They can quickly form theories and compel others to see things from their perspective. Suitable career paths might include lawyer, legal strategist, criminologist, intelligence specialist, judge, jury adviser or legal researcher.

Public Service & Government Affairs

  • Many successful politicians are Type-A personalities. They can be compelling and persuasive individuals who can effectively unite others in a common cause. Type-A people can quickly digest and disseminate complex information. Careers might include elected roles in local, state or federal government, as lobbyists or as heads of think-tanks and public policy research centers. Other positions could include civil engineering, economist, urban planner or budget analyst.

Sales & Marketing

  • Type-A personalities are go-getters who are driven and convincing. They are effective in high-pressure roles and have the skills to make convincing presentations and sales pitches. Type-A people are unlikely to take no for an answer and may be effective in a variety of sales roles, including sales manager, sales director or outside sales representative. They may also excel at careers in marketing and advertising, public relations and publishing.

Understanding Your Personality Type

  • Identifying and understanding your personality type can help you decide what type of academic study is appropriate and assist you in selecting an appropriate career path. The Myers & Briggs Foundation’s type indicator system has long been used by academics and professional organizations to assess skills and personal preferences in individuals as a tool for career counseling and professional development.

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