Important Things to Find in Your Next Job Position


Salary is an important factor to consider in any position. If the job does not pay the bills, it is probably not worth taking. However, other qualities are also vital to the decision making process of finding a job. Write a list of the elements in a job that are important to you. Then prioritize the list according to which you find most important for in a job.

Enjoy It

Even if you have to get a survival job to help pay the bills, try to find a job that incorporates a significant element of something you like to do. For example, if you are into working on your own, you might apply to be a library aide where you will spend part of your time restocking books. You may not be a devout reader, but the time you spend by yourself in this job can be a highlight of your day.

Schedule and Commute

If you want to save some money, find a job that is closer to where you live. You might even be able to walk or ride your bike to work. If you truly enjoy the type of work that you do, though, commute may not be so important to you. If this is the case, you might place commute further down on your list of priorities. Schedule is another important factor to consider in a job. You might be able to arrange a few days a week where you can work from home or a job share where you work part of one week and another person takes over the job the other part of the week. You could also work a compressed week of forty hours in four days instead of five, taking the fifth day off. If you want to work just nights or days, restrict your job search to jobs that allow you this option.


An employer that places importance on professional development for its employees is one to consider seriously in your job search. You can learn new skills through the trainings it offers, which can only enhance your resume. You could even get a college degree by taking advantage of its tuition reimbursement plan if it offers one. Educating employees means a more innovative, cutting-edge and relaxed workforce for the employer and more knowledge and chances for promotion for you.


When you go into an office to interview for a job, try to gauge the general atmosphere of the office. Notice if others smile at you as you walk by or introduce themselves. Observe whether people seem to be in a generally good mood. Working in a lighthearted environment can be a mood booster for you and help you to develop new friendships more easily. Also ask others who have worked for the company in the past about the working environment there to get an idea of whether you would fit in and be happy.


Some jobs offer better benefits than others. If salary does not mean as much to you as good benefits, you might consider taking a part-time nonprofit job with a lower salary but good benefits instead of a full-time job that does not offer even health insurance. Benefits can include health and life insurance, retirement plan with the employer matching whatever you contribute, accident and disability insurance, gym membership or on-site child care. Vacation, personal and sick days may also be included.

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