Centerpiece Ideas Using a Watermelon


Centerpieces are an eye-catching way to decorate tables that can help to bring the theme or colors of the decor together. These table decorations can be used for events such as wedding receptions, baby showers, holiday parties and themed events such as garden parties. Watermelons, which are relatively large, are great for forming the base of many interesting, colorful centerpieces.

Watermelon Basket

  • A watermelon basket centerpiece is great for tropical-themed events and summer weddings. There are many tutorials available online for carving watermelon baskets, but a very basic way to create this centerpiece is to cut a section off of the bottom of the fruit so that it can lay flat on a table before cutting the entire watermelon in half. Discard the top half and use a large spoon to remove the flesh of the fruit from the inside of the bottom half. You can then fill your practical watermelon basket with whole or sliced fresh fruit for guests to snack on.

Watermelon Baby Carriage

  • Create watermelon baby carriage centerpieces for an upcoming baby shower. Follow the steps outlined in Section 1, but instead of slicing the watermelon completely in half, cut out approximately 2/3 of the top half of the watermelon so that the body of the fruit resembles that of a baby carriage without wheels. Hollow out the inside, if desired, to fill with fresh fruit. Add to the realism of this centerpiece by using leftover rind to create a handle for the baby carriage and attaching round orange slices with toothpicks to resemble wheels. Guests will love this edible, creative centerpiece.

Flowers in Watermelon

  • Combine fruit and flowers for your reception centerpieces by cutting watermelons in half and inserting a variety of your wedding flowers directly into the flesh of the fruit. You can also do this by cutting off a small portion of the top of the watermelon to give it more of a vase-like appearance with the flowers inserted. This centerpiece will truly stand out at tropical-, beach-, summer- and garden-themed weddings. It is best not to make these centerpieces too far in advance, as the flowers may wilt.

Sliced Watermelon

  • For appealing, low-budget centerpieces, which work great for events and weddings using pink as a main color, fill delicate glass vases or bowls with slices of watermelon. The bright pink flesh, patterned green rind and dark black seeds will add interest to the tables in ways that other fruits, such as apples and oranges, could not. An easy way to jazz up these centerpieces is to add glass stones in a contrasting color to the bottom of the bowls or vases, or set up candles in contrasting colors alongside the watermelon centerpieces.

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