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Working in a modern office cubicle can require specific coping strategies after the novelty wears off. Not only is your personal comfort is at stake, job performance increases when employees have a chance to take periodic breaks or to work of excess steam. There are many toys, computer games and other forms of entertainment, some of which are very constructive, that can help relieve stress and boredom while working in your cubicle.

Cubicle Sports

  • There are many games of physical skill that can be played or improvised to relieve stress or boredom. One popular diversion involves affixing a small basketball hoop to the back of your cubicle wall. A small foam basketball can be tossed at the hoop, and you can pick up the rebounds easily. There are also office desk dart games and bowling games available. You can just as easily practice catching small candies in your mouth after launching them in the air.

Computer Games

  • There are many computer games you can play at your desk that are "cubicle friendly," being designed for short bursts of activity to offer relief from a daily routine. Minesweeper and Solitaire are installed on all Windows machines. There are also many "rogue-like" computer games with low system requirements such as Nethack and Desktop Dungeons that are fantastic at helping to pass the time. Finally, there are many online Flash games such as Cubicle Freakout that can provide some thematically appropriate fun and release.


  • A pen or a pencil along with a blank sheet of paper is one of the most versatile tools available for relieving office boredom. Your local daily newspaper will have crossword or Sudoku puzzles to help you pass the time, but such diversions can also be purchased in booklets from grocery or book stores. You can also color pictures or draw your own.


  • Pilates is a form of exercise considered safe for people of all ages and fitness levels. There are pilates exercises you can do at your desk without leaving your chair, and with a bit of practice and determination you can easily tone up and get in better shape while earning money.


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