Appropriate Gifts for the Boss


Finding appropriate gifts for your boss can be difficult. On the one hand, you want to show appreciation for what she does. On the other hand, you don't want to get her a gift that is too personal, causing awkwardness at work. The best gifts for your boss are simple but thoughtful. If you're stumped, give your boss a gift certificate for her favorite restaurant or store.

Food Basket

  • Fill a basket with holiday treats or a variety of baked goods and give it to your boss for any occasion. Don't limit your basket gift to just fruit, but go with something more unique such as different kinds of snack foods. Buy a pre-made food basket or make one yourself. Avoid products that have ingredients that your boss might be allergic to. To make the gift more personal, include a bottle of his favorite wine or a box of his favorite chocolates. Using foods that your boss enjoys may gain you bonus points when it comes to special assignments or promotions.

Desk Gadgets

  • Giving your boss a unique desk gadget can make her long day at work a little more entertaining. Unique desk gadgets include a magnetic human pyramid sculpture, kinetic motion toys or a finger basketball game. Giving a unique desk gadget will make your gift stand out and show that you put thought into your present. You can also give your boss a special picture frame that she can put a photo of her family or pet in. Instead of a plain frame, look for one that incorporates one of her hobbies or a unique shape that will catch attention on her desk.

Hobby or Sports Memorabilia

  • Find out your boss' favorite sport, hobby or team, and give him a gift that incorporates his interests. This could be a favorite baseball team jersey, a bobble head doll of his favorite football player, a picture of his favorite mountain to climb or a book on the history of his hobby. Not only will your boss appreciate a gift that expresses his interests, but he will also appreciate that you took the time to learn his interests. This personal touch could help you in your job because it shows your boss you're willing to go to the extra trouble to get to know someone.


  • A book can be a thoughtful gift for a boss who commutes a long distance into work or travels by mass-transit often. Pay attention to any books that your boss reads or keeps with personal items. This will give you a good idea about what kind of genre your boss likes to read. You can look at the best-seller book list for ideas on the latest and most popular books that your boss might enjoy.

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