Drinks With Rum

Rum is essentially a fermented sugar alcohol. Made from molasses and sugarcane juice, it has been a popular drink for many years. While it is available in many countries, the Caribbean is considered its home. and different islands put their own twist on the fermenting process. Rums are made both light and dark, and some are sweeter or more potent than others.

  1. Frozen Drinks

    • Frozen drinks made with rum are reminiscent of the tropics and typically use tropical fruits and flavors. A daiquiri, for example, contains fruit juices and rum. A pina colada has pineapple juice with coconut cream. Rum, ice and fruit juices can be blended at different rates to make a variety of tropical-style frozen rum drinks. A mojito can be frozen or served over crushed ice. It's a simple mixture white rum, lime juice, sugar and mint combined with soda water.

    Traditional Drinks

    • Most traditional rum drinks are simple mixes like rum and coke, which is simply a shot of rum in 8 oz. of cola. Martinis are traditionally made with gin, but can be made with rum for a sweet twist, and a screwdriver is usually vodka and orange juice, but can be made with rum as well. A rum sour is a drink with lemon juice and sugar added to rum, and a rum highball is just rum and ginger ale. Most traditional rum drinks are served over ice with a cherry.


    • Many specific rum punch recipes exist, but most are a combination of rum, fruit and ice. Pineapple and orange juice are usually the base flavors and lemom-lime soda adds a little zip to it. Using raspberry or cranberry ginger ale instead of lemon-lime soda, adds different flavors. Freezing fruit juice into ice cubes keeps the ice from melting and watering down the punch. Using two different types of rum, or flavored rums will also enhance a punch.

    Flavored Rums

    • Rums are flavored with a variety of flavors from spices to lemon and vanilla. Many of these rums are used to make simple drinks like the rum and coke with a a twist of the flavor. Other drinks are more complicated. An "Asian Sensation" is made with orange-flavored rum, spiced rum, pineapple-flavored rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup and lemon-lime soda. A "Blue Coconut" is a blend of coconut-flavored rum, Blue Curacao liqueur and lemon-lime soda. Usually these rums are flavored with tropical or fruit flavors and blended to put a twist on traditional drinks.

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