Types of Egg-Laying Chickens


Raising chickens for eggs is a good way to help lower grocery bills and become more self-sufficient. Chickens also make great pets, as they are full of personality and can become tame and playful. For best results, it's important to choose a breed known for proficient egg-laying.

Brown and White Leghorns

Leghorns originated in Leghorn, Italy, and are well-known for being good layers. They lay white, standard size eggs. Leghorn hens weigh around 4 1/2 pounds when fully grown and have large combs and wattles. They are active chickens and proficient flyers that lay approximately 280 eggs per year.

Rhode Island Reds

Rhode islands reds hail from Rhode Island and have beautiful red feathers that may fade with a lot of sun exposure. They are larger, weighing about 6 pounds when fully grown. Reds lay brown eggs and are dual-purpose chickens raised for meat as well as eggs. They lay an average of 200 to 280 eggs per year.

Plymouth Rocks

Plymouth rock chickens also lay brown eggs. They are a good breed for both eggs and meat and hens weigh approximately 6 1/2 pounds when full grown. These chickens, which were first bred in Plymouth, New Hampshire, lay an average of 200 eggs per year. Friendly, docile birds, they do well with people. If you're interested in raising chicks, they also make good mothers.

Jersey Giants

With hens weighing about 10 pounds when fully grown, Jersey giants are considered the largest in the American class of chickens. As their name suggests, they originated in New Jersey in the late 1800s. Raised for both meat and eggs, they lay an average of 180 large brown eggs per year.

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