List of Open World RPG Games


Electronic role-playing games (RPGs) often take place in large virtual worlds. An RPG that allows a player to freely interact within the environment is called a sandbox, or open world. The players do not have to follow a linear path to complete the game and can engage in optional activities, doing what they want, when they want.


  • Fable is an action RPG developed by Lionhead Studios for the Xbox 360, Windows and Mac OSX. In the game, you play as an orphaned boy in the fictional city of Albion. The boy is raised by the Heroes Guild, and becomes known as the Hero of Oakvale. The player is then allowed to roam freely in Albion, completing missions and side quests when he chooses to. In certain missions, a player can decide to help good or bad characters. The decision the player makes affects the perception that the people of Albion have of the boy.


  • Shenmue is an adventure RPG developed by Sega for the Dreamcast console. The game takes place in Yokosuka, Japan during the late 1980s. Players are in control of an 18-year-old named Ryo Hazuki, who returned home to his family's dojo in time to witness his father murdered. Ryo seeks revenge against the murderer, a man named Lan Di. Yokosuka has an open world environment where the player can freely choose to talk to the locals, fight, compete in mini games and initiate missions that progress the narrative.

Pokemon Black and White

  • Pokemon Black and White is a portable RPG developed by Game Freak for the Nintendo DS. The video game is similar to previous Pokemon video games also released for Nintendo portable game consoles; it follows the journey of a Pokemon trainer through the open world city of Unova. Over 150 new Pokemon are introduced in the game, as well as new battle mechanics such as triple battles and rotation battles. Players can freely roam the environment and choose when they battle with other trainers.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) for the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows computers. The game takes place in the fictional land of Hydaelyn, where players can create their own characters and place them into the world. As with other MMORPGs, Final Fantasy XIV has players who can interact with you by battling, talking, trading items or forming alliances. The open world environment allows you to freely roam Hydaelyn. RPG conventions such as character development, gaining experience points, and improving item inventory are included in the game as well.

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