Interactive Fun Training Techniques

Interactive training is always more fun and effective than a dry speaker who just states the facts. It is up to the trainer to make her presentation somewhat entertaining so the participants enjoy the experience and leave the session well-informed. The less amount of time that the trainer stands in front of the group, the better. Get the participants involved, laughing and learning at the same time.

  1. Defining a Process

    • This exercise takes approximately two hours -- one hour for group preparation and another for the presentations. Instruct the group to create a flowchart documenting the process for an everyday task in a way that someone from another planet could follow. For example, taking a shower, cooking an egg, sweeping the floor and so forth. The more obvious the process is, the more fun they can have with it. Break into teams of four or more and ask the teams to write out step-by-step instructions for the procedure that they choose. This will force the group to come to the same conclusion for the process they are describing. One of the points of this exercise is that, although you might have a group of employees performing the same task, they're typically performing the task differently. What they need to determine as a group is the best method for performing the same task. Have materials available for them to create a presentation for the group, such as large easel paper and markers or an overhead projector, screen and transparencies. Each group then presents the How To and the laughter begins.

    Role-Play in Costume

    • Create a scenario for the group, such as an account representative cold calling a perspective client. As the trainer, you will be the client. Dress in a fun costume and ham it up when the time comes for the role-playing exercise. For example, a woman can dress with curlers in her hair or anything distracting and comedic, a man could dress as a woman or a woman could dress as a man. The participants will experience in a fun way just how distracting and challenging it can be to stay on track with their presentations. This exercise could be altered to suit the nature of the training. The point is to give the group the opportunity to role-play with a fun twist.

    Team-Building Egg Parachute

    • Break the group into teams of four or more and give each team an egg, 2 feet of yarn, scissors, a paper cup and a plastic shopping bag. Give them 15 minutes to make a parachute for an egg so that it could be dropped from a distance of about 12 feet without the egg breaking. To do this exercise, you will need access to an outdoor area where they could actually drop the egg parachute. After the fun of the failures and successes, discuss each participant's individual contribution and how they felt about the exercise. Some responses will be that a certain team member took over and dictated or simply just made the parachute themselves. This exercise is an opportunity for an individual to become aware of the type of team player she is.

    Raft Building and Racing

    • For an off-site, outdoor team-building activity, have a raft race where the participants make their own rafts. You will need access to a large pool. If your training is taking place at a location that has a pool, you might be able to reserve it for this exercise. Groups of four are given the same supplies to build a raft. Suggested supplies include empty milk or bleach jugs, foam water noodles and rope. Once each person builds a raft, have races or simply see which rafts make it across the pool successfully, and time them. The participants have to actually be on the raft. Several companies organize actual raft races for team-building exercises as an alternative to doing it yourself.

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