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In early 2010, Canada updated its citizenship exam. While a majority of applicants still pass, the failure rate has risen significantly since this change. New examination materials are available to assist in preparation for the test. Careful preparation and adequate time spent studying will ensure satisfactory results when it comes time to take the test.


  • Several steps must be taken before you can apply to take the citizenship test. The exam is only required for applicants between the ages of 18 and 54. Applicants must be a permanent resident of Canada with no immigration inquiries or removal orders on record. She should also have no indictable offenses within the last three years. Adults must have lived in the country for at least three of the past four years. Fluency in either English or French is required, depending on which area of Canada the applicant is looking to move. Anyone who has had their citizen status removed in the last five years or is currently in prison may not apply for citizenship.

Knowledge of Canada

  • Ten pages of the exam is now dedicated to the history of Canada, and an additional four focus on modern Canada. This includes influential people, the concept of a sovereign, native culture and major wrongdoings of the Canadian government. The federal election process, basic Canadian laws and the workings of the justice system are also covered. Iconic symbols of Canada including sports, holidays, provinces or territories, the motto and coat of arms must be identified.

Language Skills

  • A Citizen and Immigration of Canada staff member will be paired with the applicant to test his language skills. The oral examination will focus on the ability to understand basic statements and respond to questions in English or French. The examiner expects the applicant to respond in full sentences, has the ability to use multiple tenses, give instructions, express satisfaction or dissatisfaction or tell a simple story. In short, the applicant must display enough language competence to make everyday communication possible.


  • When a person applies for Canadian citizenship, the CIC will send him a copy of Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. All questions on the exam are based on the content of this literature. Practice questions and exams are available online, most notably through APNA Toronto, a Pakistani online community. Just be sure any practice test questions are based on the new exam which entered use in 2010.

Sample questions

    1. Which of the following criteria gives the right to vote?

    A. Own a house

    B. Have a driving license

    C. Landed immigrant

    D. On an official voters' list

    1. What is the significance of the Quebec Act of 1774?

    A. Canada's tolerance of religious traditions under law

    B. Peace, Order and Good Government

    C. The birth of Canada

    D. Divided the Province of Quebec into Upper Canada

    1. A Member of Parliament from Toronto decided to spend the weekend in his electoral district. This means he will be:

    A. Somewhere in the USA

    B. Taking a tour in the province of Ontario

    C. In Ottawa

    D. In some part of Toronto where he was elected

    These questions were taken directly from the APNA Toronto practice exam. Answers were: D, A, D.

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