Good Topics for Evaluation Essays


At the college level, students are required to write essays of various types. As its name implies, an evaluation essay judges a particular thing, be it a book, a movie or a plan for downtown development. Often the purpose of writing the essay is to have you prove you know how to write it, so the instructor might leave the choice of topic up to you.

Classic Book

  • One topic for an evaluation essay could be about a book that is considered a classic work. Carefully read the book as well as reviews and comments about it. Then you can offer your own opinion. Your opinion does not have to conform to that of other reviewers, as long as you can make convincing arguments for your position. For example, if you did your essay on Bram Stoker's "Dracula," you might determine that it is slow, badly plotted and pretentious.

Work of Art

  • Another area where you can do an evaluation essay is in the world of art. In this case, you could choose a particular work to evaluate, or you could do an evaluation of the entire body of work by an artist. For example, you could examine the works of Michelangelo, both paintings and sculptures. In your essay, you could argue that, as he tried in his later works to move away from realism, Michelangelo anticipated the impressionistic works of later centuries.

School Development Plan

  • If your college or university has a long-range development plan, you could study this plan and write an evaluation essay about it. For example, study the projections as to how many students are anticipated to attend the school in 10 years. Compare these numbers with the parking arrangements the school plans to have in place at that time. Evaluate whether the planned parking capacity will meet the need.

Diet Fad

  • One of the hottest topics on most college campuses is dieting. The national obsession with weight is perhaps most focused on colleges, which makes this an excellent topic for an evaluation essay. Choose one of the fad diets that is currently the rage and study the professional literature on the program. Determine if the diet actually works, whether the weight loss is permanent and what negative health effects there might be.

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