The Advantages of the Team Approach to Work

With the right sort of people, teams can produce far better results than individuals.
With the right sort of people, teams can produce far better results than individuals. (Image: Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Not everybody is capable of working on a team, but when a team is made up out of people who are, teamwork can be very fruitful. A functioning team works with more efficiency and speed compared to individual workers, and also offers support for every member's ideas. In some areas of business, assigning people to work on projects in teams is a completely common practice.

Creativity Increases

Group brainstorming is a process that can produce incredible results. If a larger number of people looks for a solution to something, everybody comes up with their own vision of the best way of doing something. A team can then decide which idea is the best and develop it in detail together. Additionally, team members can give each other instant feedback on what is good and what doesn't work.


When it comes to work, people have different strengths and weaknesses. If a team is tackling a certain project together, the workload can be delegated among team members efficiently and according to their skills. This not only saves time, as the things team members are good at comes more naturally to them, but also allows team members to distribute work among themselves in a way that assures it gets done in the best possible way.

Effect on Worker Morale

When working closely as a successful team, people spend more time together and get to know each other. This creates good relationships in the working environment. Additionally, utilizing their skills inside a team helps people's self-esteem. They feel proud of their work and of the fact that they contributed to the team project, which makes them feel good about themselves.

Effect on Individual Responsibility

Even if teamwork ultimately produces a result which is a product of group efforts, all team members feel obliged to deliver to their highest abilities. In a team, everybody has a clear understanding of the fact they are responsible for a specific task and that the entire team is depending on them doing a good job.

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