Betty Crocker Cake Ideas

Making specialty and novelty cakes is simple when you start with cake mixes instead of from scratch. Betty Crocker makes cake mixes in a wide variety of flavors. Chocolate, yellow, and white cakes are certainly included in their product line, but also included are such unusual flavors as butter pecan, strawberry, cherry chip, lemon, and rainbow chip. The Betty Crocker website provides instructions for several dozen creative cake-making ideas.

  1. Cakes for Boys: The Toy Connection

    • Children often like to have their birthday cakes resemble favorite toys. The Betty Crocker website has several specialty cake instructions that incorporate boys' toys. Two of the best are the Building Blocks Cake, made with brightly colored frosting in primary colors, and the Train Cake, which features gummy rings for wheels. The Building Blocks Cake is simple to assemble. Marshmallows cut in half represent the "pegs" on top of a child's plastic building blocks; both the marshmallows and the cake sections are coated in bright frosting. The Train Cake is more challenging, requiring several different kinds of candy along with some skill to shape the cake pieces that make up the locomotive.

    Cakes for Girls: The Fantasy Connection

    • Girls could very well enjoy the Train Cake and the Building Block Cake, but for a birthday centerpiece that's a little more feminine, Betty Crocker provides instructions for a Fairy Tale Princess Cake and a Pink Castle Cake. The Princess Cake uses a traditional cake format. The cake is baked in a round bowl; once it has cooled, it is turned upside down and a doll is inserted through the top of it so that the round bowl shape of the cake appears to be her skirt. This cake is challenging to decorate. Bakers must pipe frosting onto the doll to create a bodice, and onto the cake to make a matching skirt. The Pink Castle Cake is easier to decorate. It uses flat cakes cut and stacked, along with upside-down ice cream cones to form the peaked roofs of the castle. Sugar cubes make up the battlements of the castle. Frosting this cake requires no elaborate piping skills.

    Cakes for Toddlers and Babies

    • The Rubber Ducky Cake is an example of a cake that takes few special ingredients to create. Even bakers without extensive decorating skills could easily assemble this cake. The cake calls for two kinds of candies plus chocolate chips, along with a few simple shapes cut out of the cooked cakes. This cake is ideal for babies and toddlers because it is colorful and familiar, looking like the rubber ducky many children play with during bath time.

      Another creative cake idea for this age group is the Baby Rattle Cupcakes. These are easy to make and would also be perfect refreshments at a baby shower. Each cupcakes is covered in white frosting decorated with pastel colors to simulate the head of a rattle; this part requires minimal piping skills. The handle of the rattle consists of a lollipop stick and a bright yellow gumdrop. Use a lollipop stick to connect the cupcake to the gumdrop to complete each baby rattle.

    Seasonal Cakes

    • The Betty Crocker website includes several ideas for seasonal cakes to help you celebrate autumn, spring, winter and summer. One of the most creative in this category is the Flip-Flops Cake, which resembles a colorful pair of summer sandals. The website includes an instructional video about how to make this cake. Other creative seasonal cake ideas on the website include the Jack O'Lantern Cake, the Bunny Cake, and the Inchworm Cake with Bug Cupcakes.

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