What Are Twitter Lists?


A Twitter list is an easy method of organizing your daily reading on Twitter. The lists allow you to categorize Twitter accounts by common subject or theme. Every Twitter account can add up to 500 Twitter users to the lists they create. At the time of publication, Twitter allows every Twitter account to create and customize up to 20 lists.

How Twitter Lists Work

  • Twitter lists create a custom timeline for you. Ordinarily, when you log into your Twitter, you see the tweets of all the Twitter accounts you follow all at once, in chronological order. With a Twitter list, you see only the tweets of the people you've added to your list. You can follow the lists other Twitter users have created, as well as your own lists. Because you follow the list itself, you don't have to follow each individual Twitter account on the list.

Advantages of Twitter Lists

  • Twitter lists allow you to read only the tweets of specific Twitter users. You can create Twitter lists to read a custom timeline about any given subject or category. For example, if you would like to read all the tweets of the cast of your favorite television show, or all the tweets of your family members on Twitter, you can create a Twitter list just for this group of Twitter accounts. Because you don't have to follow the individual accounts to read their tweets on your list, Twitter lists simplify your use of Twitter by excluding these tweets from your regular timeline reading, but still providing you easy access to them.

Creating And Following Twitter Lists

  • To create your own Twitter list, click the "Lists" drop-down menu from the Twitter homepage while logged into your Twitter account. Click "Create a List" and follow the on-screen instructions to create your own list. To follow someone else's list, visit the list homepage, whose URL typically uses the syntax of twitter.com/username/listname. Then, click the "Follow This List" button at the top of the right column.

Adding People to Twitter Lists

  • You can only add and delete Twitter accounts from Twitter lists you've created. Add other people to your Twitter lists by clicking the "Lists" button in the user profile. This button looks like a small list, just beneath the user name and bio in the right column, and found next to the button with the cog icon. Check the box next to the list name to which you would like to add the Twitter account. You can add yourself to your own lists following the same instructions from your own user profile.

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